Activesync Compatibility

Our Email Hosting supports EAS (Exchange ActiveSync), but not EWS (Exchange Web Service).

The following applications are supported by Activesync.

  • Outlook 2013 ✔
  • Outlook 2016 ✔
  • iOS ✔
  • Android ✔
  • BlackBerry 10 ✔

The following applications are not supported by Activesync.

  • Apple ✘
  • Outlook for Mac ✘
  • Outlook 2010 ✘ (Outlook 2010 uses MAPI which  isn’t supported)

Apple Mail and Outlook for Mac both use MAPI instead of EAS which isn’t supported.

For email clients which don’t support ActiveSync, you can connect to the mail server using IMAP, POP or SMTP for mail and CalDAV and CardDav for Contacts and Calendars.

This can be extremely easily accomplished on Apple computers and devices to ensure your mail, contacts and calendars are synchronised regardless of which system or program you’re using.

You can learn how to set up your Mac to synchronise Contacts and Calendars here: 

How to synchronize contacts and calandars on Mac using CardDav and CalDav