How do I request a Backup Restore?

Step 1 – Login to nvArea (

Step 2 – In the menu to the left of nvArea, click Hosting Services to open the drop-down menu and then click Manage Hosting

After you click Manage Hosting, you will see a list of your active services.

Step 3 – Click on the service name or action arrow to open the Action Menu for the service you will be restoring.

Step 4 – In the Action Menu under the Options heading, click Backup Restore. This button will take you to Backup Selection page.

Step 5 – Read the overview.

Step 6 – Once you read and agree to the overview, please select the backup you would like us to restore for you. (Daily or Fortnightly)

Step 7 – Select the backup type. You can choose to have us restore just your files and mail, only databases or your entire account.

Step 8 – Click Restore Account

A restore request will now be sent to our Backup Recovery team who will respond shortly via email to provide you with further information or any questions they may need to ask you about the restore request.

An invoice should now have been sent to your email address on file for the Backup Restore.

This invoice will need to be paid before our team is able to process the restore for you.