Net Virtue’s Free DNS Platform has complete support with DNSSEC.

Note: DNSSEC is currently only supported for .au domain names, you can sign records and use another registrar to sign other TLDs. We are expecting to offer DNSSEC on all extensions we have available. DNSSEC is an advanced feature and we recommend you use with caution, please don’t hesitate to contact support to have us confirm your records are correct and valid as DNS can stop resolving if you sign your records incorrectly.

Once you’ve created a zone inside nvArea, click edit domain.

From there you can see the preset dropdown:







Clicking on Enable DNSSEC will show this window which will show all of the digest keys and keytags:


From here you have all the information available to enter the DNSSEC data into registry. We recommend opening a new window to open the manage domain link and click DNSSEC:


From here you will see the values to enter into the registry:



From here it’s just a matter of copying the values from FreeDNS system into here. You will need to add all 4 records, in this KB article we’ve done an example of the first record on this domain:


Once all 4 records have been added, DNSSEC will now be working correctly and you will see a signed delegation on your domain name under WHOIS:

DNSSEC:                          signedDelegation