How to Enable Google Apps/Gmail in cPanel

This article assumes that an account with Google has been setup or is in the process of being setting up.

Google Apps requires changes to be made to the domain DNS/MX records in order to connect to their services.

Step 1.  Log into cPanel and scroll to the Email section of your cPanel account and click on Remote MX Wizard.

Step 2. Select the domain you wish to enable Google Apps for.

Step 3. Select any additional Google App services you wish to utilise with the domain.  If you are just using Gmail, make no additional selections and proceed to click Continue…

Step 4.  The Remote MX Wizard will automatically add the required MX records and adjust your DNS.  This may take 30-60 seconds to complete.

Step 5.  Congratulations – this is now complete.  Please allow 4-6 hours for DNS propagation whilst the records update.