Free DNS Nameservers

Net Virtue offers Free DNS hosting for all our customers. This is suitable for customer that do not have hosting with us but need to create A, CNAME, MX, TXT records and so on. Our Free DNS hosting features unlimited records, URL and Email Forwarding.

To utilise the Free DNS, you will need to assign your domain name to these nameservers:

Changing your Nameservers to Free DNS

Log in to our customer portal nvArea (

On the menu to the left of nvArea, click Domains to open the drop-down menu and then click Manage Domains


You will now see your Domain Name/s listed on the right. Select the Domain name you wish to change the Nameservers for by hovering over the domain or going to the Action ‘V’ and left click. This will present you with a menu.

Select Nameservers.


To make things easy, we’ve setup a Nameserver Preset for you. At the drop-down box and select Free DNS.


Then Update Nameservers.


That’s it. Your Nameservers will now show as:
Nameserver 1 –
Nameserver 2 –