Setup Email for Android

Step 1 – Locate the Email Application on your Apps Screen

Step 2 –  Enter in your Email Address, Password and press Next

Step 3 – Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync by pressing on the button.

Step 4 – Enter in the Mail Server Settings and press Next

(Note: the Exchange server is always for all email hosting customers)

Email Address – Your Email Address
Domain\User name – Your Email Address
Password – Your Mailbox Password
Exchange server –

Step 5 – Allow the device to check the settings

Step 6 – Allow the Server to remotely control the email application, Press OK.  (this is required so you can disable the mailbox from nvArea if needed)

Step 7 – Congratulations, the mailbox is now setup on your Android Device

Please note, that the Android Email Application is set to synchronise only 3 Days of emails.  This can be changed by following these additional steps.

(Optional) Step 8 – Press More on the Top Right Hand corner

Step 9 – Press on the Email Account you just setup on the device

Step 10 – Press on Period to sync Email

Step 11 – Select the Period desired